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Ayo Technology Tuesday ft. 50 Cent

Another Ayo Technology Tuesday featuring 50 Cent. Enjoy all the cool, hot, and fresh items.

Ayo are you tired of your computer? Then why don't you get a HP Touch Smart PC? This new baller computer allows you to touch the screen like an iphone and like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. I'm not a fan of HP computers. I think they suck. However, the TouchSmart PC is packing a 22" high-def widescreen with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. You can scroll through your music, photos, and other media files with ease. Personally, I think it is a really cool concept but after the shock and awe affect, wouldn't your hands just get tired?

Ayo are you tired of your old school LEGOs? Then why don't you get the LEGO Death Star ($400)? I'm actually drooling over this. Wishing I was about six years old again should I could actually build this monstrous LEGO creation. Let me help you understand what exactly this LEGO creation incorporates:
the Death Star control room, rotating turbolaser turrets, hangar bay with TIE Advanced starfighter, tractor beam controls, Emperor’s throne room, detention block, firing laser cannon, Imperial conference chamber, droid maintenance facility, and the powerful Death Star superlaser

Ayo are you tired of your old cellie? Then why don't you get Sony Ecicsson C905 Cyber-shot?The newest version of the Cyber-shot (coming soon) has an 8.1-megapixel camera (unbelievable that's better than my current Canon digi) with a Xenon flash. Other features include: Face Detection, GPS directions, BestPic - allows you to take seven pictures instantly, and other unnecessary stuff.

Ayo are you tired of your weak shower? Then why don't you get Dornbracht shower? Honestly, I think the type of shower you have in your house defines if you are a baller or a wangsta. Besides the kitchen, the shower is the second best way to impress your guests. Plus after a long day at work who doesn't enjoy a great shower to relive their stress? I guarantee that these Dornbracht showers will do just that.


Ayo Technology Tuesday ft. 50 Cent

Boys and girls it's another week of Ayo Technology Tuesday featuring 50 Cent. So enjoy the cool gadgets that you nor I will probably ever hear of again.

Ayo are you tired of walking? Then why don't you set on top of one of these, the Yamaha Tesseract. This new concept four-wheeler looks like something that could be in the new Transformer 2 movie. The Yamaha Tesseract will allow you to ride around on dubs and with an all new special suspension system that allows the rider to take sharp turns more easily.

As 50 says: "Yeah, yeah I'm a hustler"

Ayo are you tired of cooking bacon? Then why don't you sprinkle Bacon Salt onto your food? Here is your chance to make all your food have that wonderful fating bacon taste with zero-calories, and even kosher certified (YES!). With three different flavors- Original, Hickory, Peppered, - your food will never go bland again.

50 Cent once said: "You know, I got what it takes"

Ayo are tired using your Iphone? Then why don't you buy Touch Diamond mobile phone? If you absolutely hate all Apple products like I do, the Touch Diamond phone is your alternative knock off. Basically, it looks exactly like an Iphone with sharper corners and a diamond pattern back.

50 Cent says: "I got the info you already know"

Ayo are you tired of your boring laptop? Then why don't you spice it up? Even though I just hated on Apple products (I still hate them), this is rather cool. This guy's blog here shows you how you can make custom designs onto the cover of your Apple Powerbooks. Pretty sweet.

50 Cent told me: "Style and stuntin' doin' my two-step frontin'"


Band of the Month: The Dandelion War

The Dandelion War

The Dandelion War, an indie/experimental/ maybe jam band from the San Fran area, is my first band of the month. Why a month you may ask? Simple because they rock. For the past week or so I've been listening to their songs non stop. If you are chillin' at home maybe with the girl in bed, great music to have on. First off, their music flows nicely with a strong instrumental presence of guitar and piano that blends excellent with a really great vocalist (you may disagree with me but for some reason his voice reminds me of Chris Martin from Coldplay). Out of all the bands I've written about (even though it may be a few) I think their music and this band would be the most enjoyable to see live. Especially in a small bar with a few pints and your mates.

While yet to be signed, they are undoubtedly an up and coming band in the bay area. Constantly having upcoming shows, if you live there check them out. Their myspace profile is here. My favorite song, Wonders, is not on their profile but I posted it below. Listen to it and enjoy.

03 wonders.mp3

Download it at


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