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Toronto After Dark Film Festival

The 2008 Toronto After Dark Film Festival is set to kick off October 17-24; 8 nights of "horror, sci-fi, action and cult cinema!" Until recently, I knew nothing about the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which is a film festival showcasing a number of international inde horror/sci-fi movies and short films. After browsing their website, I stumbled on a number of movies that look really good. Here are a few, but be sure to check out their website to see the rest.


Mutant Chronicles


Fans of sci-fi horror action movies like ALIENS, PREDATOR and STARSHIP TROOPERS are in for a kick-ass, take no prisoners treat with MUTANT CHRONICLES. The film is set on a devastated future Earth, where aliens have built a terrifying machine that transforms humans into killer mutants. Mankind’s final hope rests with a hastily assembled platoon of soldiers led by cult icons Ron Perlman (HELLBOY), Thomas Jane (THE MIST, PUNISHER) and Devon Aoki (SIN CITY). They’re given a suicide mission to fight their way through the mutant hordes and shut down the machine, or die trying. An unmissable thrill ride for dark sci-fi fans.
- Adam Lopez

Lopez forgot to mention that John Malkovich has a lead in the film.

Zombie Movie:

I Sell the Dead

Surprisingly, this movie has a solid cast and from the trailer it looks really good.


I SELL THE DEAD is a deliciously dark new horror comedy starring Dominic Monaghan (LORD OF THE RINGS, LOST) and Ron Perlman (HELLBOY). Part period-piece supernatural tale, part buddy comedy, the film is a refreshingly original treat for cult film fans! In 18th Century England, a young graverobber, played by Monaghan, finds himself condemned to death for his crimes, with only a priest (Perlman) for company for his last night before the gallows. A hilarious tale is told of a life spent digging up and selling supernatural corpses including vampires and zombies, and the many shenanigans involved! A terrific supporting cast includes Larry Fessenden (LAST WINTER) and Angus Scrimm (PHANTASM).
- Adam Lopez


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