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Apparently he's the future of the Ravens?

Apparently, Joe Flacco, quarterback from the University of Delaware (my former University before transferring) is the new franchise quarter back of the Ravens. He is the future. Honestly, I do not want to discredit him or discount his ability. Flacco put up great numbers as a Blue Hen; as a senior, he played and started in 15 games, passing for 331 completions on 521 attempts for 4,263 yards, 23 touchdowns and only five interceptions for a 144.91 passer rating. He's a giant 6-6, has the ability to scan the pocket, and hands down the strongest arm in the draft. Watch some of his high light videos, beautiful arm. However, he did play for Delaware (I-AA). I have personal experience of going to many Blue Hen games, to say the least the caliber of talent, size, and game play was two notches up from Paint Branch football. Flacco transferred from Pitt after not getting enough playing time. Pitt isn't even a power house football program. To say the least I am a little nervous about him. He needs time to learn the huge curve from I-AA to professional football. Hopefully, the Ravens do not make the same mistake as they did with Boller and rush him too early by starting him. Thank god he has the guidance of Cam Cameron.

Personally, I was hoping that the Ravens drafted Chad Henne. I thought he was solid QB at big time powerhouse Michigan. Thank god they couldn't get Matt Ryan. I hate that fool. I think he's overrated, and worst off he's arrogant. I watched this video of him talking about possibly being drafted to the Ravens (this before the draft) where he sounded like he was completely too good to play for the Ravens and avoided acknowledging the possibility or opportunity to play for them. He sounded like "Hey, I'm Matt Ryan do you honestly think I will fall to the 8th spot. I'm the best QB ever." Good thing the Falcons have no O-Line so Ryan can get sacked and destroyed all season.


Ravens SECOND Round Pick

RICE, RICE, RICE BABY! Ray Rice. I love this pick. I think this is honestly the steal of the second round. Absolutely love this pick. Rice figures to be a great complement to McGahee as a powerful rusher with good speed. At Rutgers Rice started all 13 games in 2006 for 1,794 rushing yards and 20 rushing touchdowns on 335 carries. Rice started all 13 games in 2007 recording 2,012 rushing yards and 24 rushing touchdowns on 380 carries. I remember in 2006 there was talk of the Heisman for this kid. Analyst say he lacks ideal size (5-8, 200 pounds-- he looks pretty huge in that picture) and question if he can take a beating at the professional level. However, Rice posses the ability to read his blocks well and has excellent lower-body strength. Finally, the Ravens have a one-two punch in the back field.


Ravens THIRD Round Pick

I am truly thrilled about this pick. Draft analyst have stated that Tom Zbikowski, safety out of Notre Dame is an overaggressive and "lacks the hip fluidity" when defeated by opposing offenses. As as senior in 2007, in my opinion Zbikowski had a decent season with 80 tackles (1.5 for losses), one sack, three forced fumbles, one pass breakup and two interceptions. However, from 2004-'06, he played in 35 games (all starts), registering 213 tackles (4.5 for losses), six interceptions (two returned for touchdowns) and seven pass breakups. However, he has his weaknesses too. He often freelances defensive plays by chasing after big-time plays or big-time hits, leaving the defense exposed. What's cool about Zbikowski is that he is a amateur boxer on the side. According to ESPN:

He also was a nationally ranked Golden Gloves boxer who went 60-13 as an amateur.

That's baller in my book. Zbikowski is a smash mouth, power hitting player. He fits in with the Ravens mold of playing hard-tough football. Great prospect and has the chance to learn from Reed and Landry, will provide much need depth at the safety position, and a boost for the special teams. Overall great pick.


Jerry Jones for President!!!!!

If you are a Skins fan, it might be best for you to skip this posting. Jerry Jones is the man. He knows how to run an organization. Actually if you are a Skins fan read this. Dan Snyder should take a play out of his play book because I haven't seen, read, or know (maybe I'm a little ignorant like some suggest after reading my postings) of any extremely bad football decisions made by Jones. Look how T.O. in Dallas turned out... great. T.O. showed he is still a dominate force/threat as a WR (2007-- 81 Receptions, 1,355 Yards, 15 TDs, Avg 16.7 Yards). The Pacman Jones episode has yet to play itself out. However, the terms and conditions of the Pacman Jones trade to Dallas is brilliant. Trading a fourth and sixth round pick in this year's draft for a first round CB with only two years of mileage is a great deal (plus if Pacman fails to play this coming season, Dallas will get the Titan's next year 4th round pick). Who cares about off the field issues. IF Pacman gets reinstated (I'm sure Jone is making big moves as we speak to try to make this happen), it's not like he's going to mess up again and get arrested. No way. Can you imagine all the money Pacman has lost from salaries, bonus, and legal fees. I think his ignorant days of making it rain hundred dollar bills on strippers are over.

Over the past two years Jones has made Dallas a dominate and significant threat in the NFL. 2006 season = 9-7 record and losing to Seattle as wild cards. 2007= 13-3 and 1st place in the NFC East. Not only does the record speak for itself look at the draft record. Jones (along with Bill Parcells) drafted quality players over the past five years, such as Terence Newman, DeMarcus Ware, Bobby Carpenter, Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins. All solid and productive players who started immediately (minus Jones and Jenkins).

This year's draft was a serious statement by Dallas and Wade has to live up expectations. Look at their Defense: Newman, Ware, Carpenter, Jenkins, Williams, Hamlin, Ellis, Zach Thomas, Tank Johnson, Pacman; that rivals the Ravens. With the addition of Felix Jones to complement Barber, Dallas as a solid one-two punch in the back field. The only question they did not address in the draft was WR, which worries me. Given the WR draft class wasn't so deep/solid (the Redskins for some odd reason drafted the two best and an additional TE--opting not to address their dire need for a pass rusher) Dallas is probably waiting until next year to address this or maybe in the free agent market. Additionally, I'm not sold on Tony Romo. I seriously question as man's work ethics and drive when he's going on holiday to Mexico a week before a playoff game. How he manage to get away with this I still do not know. Plus he is a sketchy QB, his track record in big time games is not so solid aka Tony Nomo.

However, despite these short comings I am predicting that the Dallas Cowboys will be NFC Champions in for the 2008/09 season and play the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2008/09 Super Bowl (I already predicted Jacksonville see below).

Barber and Jones present a great threat in the back field. It will be interesting to see how opposing defenses will handle the Barber/Jones threat while TO, Witten, and Glenn are lined up at scrimmage . Will they stack the box? Or response to man to man coverage? We'll have to wait in see. In the mean time though, Dallas is the dominate threat and leading team in the NFC.


10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies

Here's an interesting article for you history and movie buffs. listed the 10 most historically inaccurate movies of all time.


Song of the Week: "When did your heart go missing"

I asked my sister to download this song for me. Her reply: "What the hell is this?"

Yeah you might have the same reaction when you listen to the song if you don't like catchy-emo-indie music like I do. I think it's a good song.

Rooney- 'When Did Your Heart Go Missing'


KP is a B-Ball Wiki

Conventional wisdom should have told me not to under-mine KP's basketball knowledge, however I did just that in my earlier posting. Congrats to KP for winning the pool. At least I did better than Blanken. Common 11th place in your own pool that is just sad. Kind of like the Redskins... blaken knows this statement all too well: "There's always next year."


Band of the week: The Audition

According to the Audition are "a dance-rock-pop-punk band from Chicago, IL. Like their contemporaries in bands like Fall Out Boy, Alkaline Trio, and Spitalfield, theAUDITION sings songs full of melody and catchy choruses that evoke dancing and singing along from even the most jaded of listeners."

Well I guess I'm really late on this one. I bet none of you have heard of the Audition before. But that description above is exactly how I would describe the band. Their debut album, 'Controversy Loves Company' was pretty good. It was good enough for me to go out and buy it at Best Buy. However, it is really an immature album with catchy emo songs.

'Champion' is their follow up sophomore album, with this 16th century Jude Law looking dude on the cover. Typically sophomore albums (specifically emo cds) tend to be a make or break type cd. Looking at the track record from other emo bands such as, Fall Out Boy, and Hawthorne Heights, there's a good possibility this cd might not be so good. But I listened to three songs from the new cd on their myspace, I must say I was impressed. Catchy none the less but more mature and pretty good songs. Check them out:


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