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  1. President Obama charged the tax payers $3, 350 to for an enhance-security PDA to replace his beloved BlackBerry (James and Rooney 2009). Is that necessary? 43 Presidents before Obama did just fine without a BlackBerry.

  2. Apparently, the new (i.e., the so-called "change" motto) standard is failing to pay your taxes results in appointment to as a Cabinet secretary. For example, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner failed to pay $43,000 in back taxes while working at the IMF (Champ 2009). Today we learned that Cabinet nominated Tom Daschle failed to pay over $120,000 in back taxes (USATODAY 2009). That's funny, since the Democrats favor raising taxes for the top 2-5% income earners. I'm guessing Mr. Daschle falls into this category since he earned more than four million dollars in 2008. Wait a second, his party and him support higher taxes for the rich, but yet he fails to pay them--odd.

  3. The Republican National Committee elected fellow Marylander Michael Steele as the new GOP chairman. He's my Obama. Steele summarized fact #2 perfectly: "So what's the standard down to, to be a Cabinet secretary? You don't have to pay your taxes? Come on (Lawrence 2009)."

  4. Finally, the world agrees with me and economist are grasping how over-valued the British economy and pound has been for the past decade. Last year around this time, the Sterling was roughly 2:1 compared to the dollar. Today, the exchange rate is hovering around 1.40ish. John Roger attributed terrible economic situation to the simple fact that "the UK has nothing to sell (see article here)."

  5. The Economist examines why Europe is so in love with Tintin and the reasons why Americans have failed to fully grasp this unique superhero (see article here).

  6. A jailed C.I.A. mole has been accussed of continuing to spy for Russia via his son (see article here).
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