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Notes about the 2008/09 NFL Season

Here are a few thoughts about the 2008/09 NFL season before I start looking towards the 09/10 season:

1) My prediction about the Jaguars winning the Super Bowl was a mistake. Clearly, I was wrong. In 2007/08, the team was filled with potential and they finally looked posed to make the jump past the Colts. However, as we know, the Titans made that jump and the Jaguars were left in dismay. I fell victim to the biggest 2007/08 trends in the NFL: falling for "one-hit-wonders" (i.e. David Garrard, Derek Anderson, and Former
Head Coach Romeo Crennel).

2) Surprisingly, the Ravens were one game away from the Super Bowl. I believe I am one biggest Ravens fan, and I myself never ever thought that would happen with a rookie QB from UDEL and rookie head coach. Too bad the Ravens couldn't beat the dirty Steelers. However, I believe this season can not truly be classified as a success, even though the Ravens succeed exceptions. I am able to justified this because all of the key personnel were in place, which is unlike to happen next year (i.e. free agents and the lost of Rex Ryan).

3) I honestly believed that the Washington Redskins would make the playsoffs this year (at least as a Wild Card). Their 6-2 start scared me (I hate them) and following their usually trend the Redskins managed to self destruct and lose games they should have one. I am thrilled by this but still, none-the-less the Redskins ended their promising season with serious questions.

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  1. # Blogger Kevin Park Food

    yeah the jags stunk it up this year. nice bit about the skins you swede.  

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