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This man is a MONSTER

This kid is a freak. A monster. A demon to all offensive linemen, QBs, and RBs. Vernon Gholston is this draft's version of Vernon Davis. Wow freaky they have the same names and both dominated in NFL combine.

Vernon Gholston, DE out of power house and best college football team Ohio State, will be drafted in the top-ten come April. I'm predicting my rivals, the Bengals, pick up Gholston (if available) at the 9th pick.

In 2007, Gholston ranked tied for third in nation with 14 sacks for minus 111 yard (also an Ohio St. record beating Mike Vrabel's 13). According to

"In 34 games at Ohio State, Gholston started 25 times. He registered 87 tackles (47 solo) with 22.5 sacks for minus-184 yards and 30.5 stops for losses of 199 yards. He had two pass deflections and an eight-yard interception return, as he also recovered a fumble that he returned 25 yards for a touchdown."

At the combine the 258 DE, ran a 4.67 in the 40 yard dash, had 37 reps on the bench (that's better than all the DEs and all but 1 OLs), and 35.5 vertical jump (better than some WRs).

Screw drafting a QB, the Ravens should draft Gholston and place him opposite to Suggs. That duo would terrorize NFL offenses.

Watch the monster at the combine:

*** UPDATE: Gholston was drafted 6th by the Jets. I was only 3 picks off***

Brandon Lloyd synonym for failure

Honestly, Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato are the NFL's worst decision makers....hands down. Where should I start? Alright how about trading TWO draft picks for Brandon Lloyd. Lloyd had three below average seasons with the San Francesco 49ers (To be fair, he never played with a great QB in San Fran). However, after two seasons with the Skins, Llyod caught only 25 passes and zero touchdowns. Let me repeat that, 25 passes in TWO seasons.

Do you remember Snyder and Cerrato's decision to make Adam Archuleta the highest paid safety in the history of the NFL? I do. I had a conversation with a Redskin fan back in 2005. I remember him specifically saying, "That was a great decision. Archuleta is a beast and he dominated in St. Louis." That statement is semi-true, he was a beast with the Rams. But I replied that the Skins got a 28 year old, product of the system, slow white man. Guess my statement turn out to be the correct one.


Well it looks like my postings are getting attention from around the globe. I am currently in a philosophical debate with this guy. I must admit that this guy is a rather smart and intellectual when it comes reviewing movies. However, I got his panties all tied in a knot when I made the following comment in my posting below: "....superb acting especially from unknown Javier Bardem ." My comment was followed up with this statement to the guy in a recent online chat conversation: "yeah who gives a fuck about spanish films."

And I'm going to say it again... who gives a fuck about Spanish films? I don't. And I'm pretty sure the rest of America doesn't and probably the whole world (minus Spain). You know why? Because their movies are 1. not mainstream 2. unknown (just like Javier Bardem prior to 'No Country for Old Men' which will lose the Best Pictures Award to 'There Will Be Blood') 3. seriously who honestly cares.

This guy
thought he was very clever listing a bunch of well known Spanish directors, a few "famous" Spanish movies (e.g., Y Tu Mama Tambien... hmmm is that famous? Sound's like a Telemundo soap opera), and one well known Spanish actor. However, that weak argument is not going to encourage me to familiarize myself with Spanish films nor stop me from spewing more ignorance.

What if I said, "Who gives a fuck about Italian films?" Is it a valid argument to list a bunch of famous Italian directors like Francis Ford Coppola (Godfather I,II,III),
Martin Scorsese, or Roberto Benigni (actor and director, e.g., Life Is Beautiful) and what they've done for American film? Or a bunch of famous Italian actors and their achievements, such as Robert De Niro (Godfather II, Heat, Cape Fear, Raging Bull, The Deer Hunter, Taxis Driver, Casino), Al Pacino (Godfather I,II,III, Heat, Scent of a Woman, Insider, etc etc), John Cazale, James Gandolfini, or you get the point. Just because there are a many great Italian actors, directors, and actresses in AMERICAN films doesn't change the fact that no one cares or watches real Italian movies (because they suck and plus WHO CARES ABOUT THEM?).

Should I list a bunch of Japanese directors and actors? Some Korean? How about Kenyan or Uzbekistan directors and actors? After wards than maybe everyone will start caring about Kenyan and Uzbekistan movies!!!! YAY!!

lil dunn hopes this posting will encourage that guy and other to refrain from making pointless statements that do not change the fact that no one cares about Spanish films.


Second Best Movie of the Year

'No Country for Old Men' is an amazing movie. Some might argue that this movie is better than 'There Will Be Blood' however I thought it failed to live up to my freakishly high standards. None the less, 'No Country for Old Men' should be seen by all. The Coen Brothers composed a wonderful film with superb acting especially from unknown Javier Bardem , who like Shaquille O'Neal in his prime, dominated the movie with his performance.


Best movie of the year

Despite paying £12.50 (≈ 25 US Dollars) every second of Paul Thomas Anderson's 'There Will Be Blood' was worth it. The movie is centered around a greedy oilman (Daniel Day-Lewis) in search of wealth and oil in the west at the turn of the century. The movie portrays what greed can do to a person, a family, and their 'religion'.

After watching Day-Lewis's performance in this movie and in other films, such as The Last of the Mohicans, I am convinced he's an acting god or something. His performance is absolutely amazing and it is hard believe he's actually acting. Paul Dano, a rising star has a solid performance as well. I'm a little surprised Dano wasn't nominated for the supporting role, however if Day-Lewis does not win an Oscar for this movie, I plan on personally going to California next year to boycott the academy.

Typically, the Oscar's follows the Golden Globes and the BAFTA Awards, which awarded Atonement (which I have yet to see) with the Best Picture award. However, I'm holding out hope 'There Will Be Blood' wins Best Picture.


Band of the Week - "Hard-Fi"

Check this band out: Hard-Fi. According to Last.Fm, Hard-Fi are:

"A English indie rock band formed in Staines, Surrey in 2003. The band's continual members have been Richard Archer (vocals), Kai Stephens (bass guitar), Ross Phillips (guitar) and Steve Kemp (drums). Staines is a suburban location 16 miles (26 km) southwest of Central London that has significantly influenced their musical style and lyrics.

Hard-Fi achieved chart success with their third single, "Hard to Beat" and then followed by other successful singles such as "Cash Machine" and "Living for the Weekend", which all reached top 15 in the UK Singles Chart. Their debut album Stars of CCTV was released on 4 July 2005, and although receiving critical acclaim, it didn't reach #1 in the UK albums chart until six months later on 22 January 2006. It originally peaked at number 6. The band's second album, Once Upon a Time in the West, was released on 3 September 2007 and reached number 1 in its first week."

Personally my favorite song is "Suburban Knights." Check out their official myspace page.


Horrible-- Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I guess I shouldn't be such a 'Debbie Downer.' Instead I should be jumping with excitement at the thought of watching 65 year old Harrison Ford running around and talking in that serious but cheese voice. If you watch the preview, scroll forward about 35 seconds to the new footage.

Release date: May 22, 2008 (US, UK, and DE).


Jacksonville Jaguars to win Super Bowl XXLIII (2008/2009)

Maybe it's way to early to be talking about next year's Super Bowl but why not? I was extremely impressed with how the Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5) played the second half of the season: tough smash mouth football with an outstanding run game. Fred Taylor and Maurice Jone-Drew are monsters; great running back combo. David Garrard had a solid year at QB, 18 TD-3 Int, QB 102.2 rating, look for him to improve. On the offensive side of the ball, Jaguars finished in the top ten for points, total offensive yards, and rushing (2nd in NFL). Defense had a decent year, finishing near the top 10 in most of the defensive categories. With the arrival of Greg Williams at defensive coordinator look for drastic improvements on the defensive side. Jacksonville already re-signed one of their top free-agents: Fullback Greg Jones.

Lil Dunn's 2008 NFL Predictions: Jags need help on their pass-rush on the right size. Look for them to draft a DE, if available at the number 26 pick Calais Campbell from Miami U or Lawrence Jackson from Southern Cal. If they are thinking wide receiver look for either LSU's Early Doucet or Texas's Limas Sweed (if available). I read in a mock draft that the Jag's will draft Andre' Woodson from Kentucky. Not sold on this argument at all. Jags have a solid QB: look for Garrard to return as their starter.

Prediction: Jags will win the AFC South over the aging Manning & Co. Their biggest challenge to winning the Super Bowl next year San Diego Chargers (not the Pats).


Eli Manning is overrated

I honestly do not understand what all the talk is about. Yes, Eli Manning helped led the Giants to an impressive 10 consecutive road game wins (including the defeat of the then undefeated New England Patriots). However, Eli's performance in the Super Bowl hardily warranted the Super Bowl MVP. He completed 19 of 34 passes for 255 yards, 2 TD, 1 Int., and a QB rating of 87.3. Let's compare Eli with Tom Brady's two Super Bowl MVP:

2003: Tom Brady was 32 of 48, 354 yards, 3 TDs, 1 Int, and a QB rating of 100.5

2001: Tom Brady was 16 of 27, 145 yards, 1 TD, 0 Int, and QB rating of 86.2 (it's fair to note in 2001 this was Tom Brady's first year as starter in the NFL - he was drafted in 2000).

So what? Big deal you might be saying that Tom Brady arguably the best QB in the league or in NFL history had better MVP numbers than Eli. Before you jump onto the Eli bandwagon and rave how great a QB he is please look at the stats:

In 2007, Eli threw 20 intercepts to 23 TDs tied in the league for highest with Jon Kita and Carson Palmer. In the regular season he was ranked 25th in passer rating between Vince Young and terrible Kyle Boller (Yes, I'm a die hard Raven's fan). He completed 56.1% of his passes, which is 4.2% lower than Trent Green (60.3%) who only played 5 games in 2007.

I will tip my hat to Eli on the last five games of the year he had an expressive streak: ten touchdowns against two interceptions and averaged a QB rating of over 100. This however does not warrant the level of Eli hype the media, the dirty Giant fans, and the bandwagon fans have boasted after the Super Bowl.

I give credit to the Giant's defense for winning the Super Bowl and not Eli's "MVP" performance. The Patriots were held to a total of 274 offensive yards and 14 points. This was a team during the regular season averaged 411.2 offensive yards (1st in the NFL), 295 pass yards a game (1st in the NFL), and 36.8 points a game (1st in the NFL). Giant's D sacked Brady 5 times. The D was successful at containing Moss (5 catches , 62 yards , 1 TD) and Maroney (rushed for 36 yards).

Too much of the Super Bowl coverage was on Eli Manning; due to the fact that he is Payton's younger brother. I'm predicting that Eli will follow in the foot steps of those QBs, such as Trent Dilfer (12/25- 153 yards- 1 TD- in Super Bowl XXXV), Ben Roethlisberger (9/21- 123 yards- 3 INTs- in Super Bowl XL), Brad Johnson, and Kurt Warner, who won the Super Bowl due to their outstanding defense, and then almost immediately returned to mediocre players.

Lil Dunn's 2008 NFL prediction: Don't be surprised to see Eli throw between 14-18 interceptions with a QB rating no higher than 78.5. Do not draft Eli in your fantasy football on grounds of his stellar performance on the last 5 games. Or on the hope that he's finally figured out the how to read defenses after 3 straight seasons of having a QB rating no higher than 77 and failing to throw less than 17 interceptions.

I predict Eli & Co will fail to make the play-offs due to the tough NFL East Division and the resurgence of a healthy Eagles and Skins team.


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