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Top 5 Worst Movies of All Time

1) The Spirit. There is not doubt in my mind that this is the worst movie ever made the history of motion picture. Prior to seeing this disaster, every review I read was (surprisingly) negative. I made a posting about this movie hinting it was probably a below par and replica of Sin City's stunning visuals. However, both of my predictions were wrong.

This movie lacked off the bat a plot. As the view we are thrown into a story line that seemingly feels like you are watching what should be the middle of the movie. Director Frank Miller, assumes the audience will have the ability to pick up on the vitals of the plot: a super hero fighting crime. What contributes to making the plot seem imcomprehensible is the lack of character development. Every character introduced with little or no character development. The audience isn't given a chance to build some understanding of the characters, such as their motives, reasoning, feelings, etc. The characters are literally through into the plot with seemingly no reasons for why. On top of that the movie is flat out boring. The highlight of this failed visual motion picture was when the credits came on.

2) The Invasion
  • Failed remake.
  • Thrill-less, psychologically it fails to stimulate any visual or theoretical interest.
  • It is lame and possibly the worst alien attacks movie in this genre.
3) Deception
  • Ridiculously bad and laughable plot. Unbelievable, even in the genre of fiction.
  • Predictable and boring.
  • Ludicrous plot twists and ending.
  • Acting is horrible-- seems like the star studded casts (i.e. Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor) were in it for a quick pay day.
4) Burn After Reading
  • Another attempt by Hollywood and the Cohen Brothers to throw egg on the Republican Party's National Security Policies.
  • Crude and senseless violence.
  • The plot is "thrill-less" and "unlikeable characters who do stupid things."
  • Take the advice of Kevin Ranson from "Burn Before Watching."
5) We Own the Night
  • While the acting was OK, the plot was a joke. Here is why the movie's plot is a joke(a major spoiler and you should thank me for saving you time by not seeing it): Joaquin Phoenix goes from a flashy, drug using, likable club owner to an 'honorary' policeman (with zero training) putting an end to the Russian mafia.
Honorable Mention: MI:III, Ghost Rider, and The Bourne Ultimatum

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