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NFL- Week 4

Ravens vs Steelers Preview: Ravens will run, run, run the ball against the Steelers 2nd ranked defense. I doubt Flacco will be used much expect maybe dump off passes or screens. Hopefully, two things will occur on the offense: 1) NO turn overs; and 2) Heap becomes a major factor. If the defense can apply the same about of pressure/sacks on 'Big Ben' as the Eagles did, look for a Ravens win.

No way am I jumping on the Washington Redskin's bandwagon or pledging my allegiance to them; to defeat your enemy, you must know and understand them. That being stated--I think the Redskins are temporarily flying high-- for one reasons: consistency - an idea, term, and definition that has plagued the Redskins for the past 3-to-4 seasons. The consistency starts at the QB position. Jason Campbell is finally settling down, adjusting, and understanding Zorn's West coast offensive play book. From week 1 to week 4 there has been consistency and continual improvement in his play:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Pct 55.6 66.7 73.3 64.5
Yards 133 321 193 231
TD(s) 1 1 2 2
INT(s) 0 0 0 0
QB Rating 81.2 104.1 112.2 108.4

The Redskins have always had an 'above-average' defensive group (as of today they are ranked 14th total defense). The Redskins still have a dodge secondary and allow on average 21.5 points per game (18th in the league). If they do make it into the playoffs (as I stated it is a strong possibility) I think it will be in due to: 1) consistency and their above-average defense; and 2) their apparent weak schedule. Yes, I am aware they are in the NFC East-- currently the division is 11-4 (combined)-- possibly the best division in the NFL; however, look at their remaining schedule: St. Louis (0-4), Cleveland (1-3), Seattle (1-2: they are so desperate on their need for a WR), Cincinnati (0-4), Detroit (0-3), and 49ers (2-2). That's six highly likely wins for the Redskins. I know argument stating the ease of their schedule may contradict my statement about the Skin's being in possibly the best division in football. However, it is highly unlikely the Redskins will lose all of their remaining four division games.

I pray the Skins do not make it into the playoffs so I won't have to suffer listening to annoying Redskins' fans boast about their so-called greatness. Note to Redskins' fans: Mark your calender for December 7th when the Redskins have to travel up I-90 to face the incomparable and superordinary Baltimore Ravens.

Other notes:

  • Booooo! Brett Farve threw 6 TDs. I hate him.
  • St. Louis fired Scott Linehan.
  • Jaguars (2-2) are still hanging on-- my Super Bowl prediction is still possible.
  • Who would have thought the Titans would be 4-0?
  • I knew Denver was going to lose against the Chefs; it was bounded to happen. Denver can not keep winning week-after-week on these offensive shoot-outs. Neither of these stats will help either: 30th (out of 32) ranked defense and four turn overs against the Chefs. Denver is definitely not the team that people and analyst though they were (now all the NFL analyst are jumping on this bandwagon!).

  • Interesting quote from Don Banks of SI:
    More than ever, I say the longer the Cardinals continue to play the prolific but mistake-prone Warner over Matt Leinart, the greater chance Arizona is going to wind up stunting the development of its 2006 first-round pick.
    Hmm, I don't agree at all with this statement. Matt Leinart in the 16 games he started has 13 TDs and 16 INTs and a passer rating of 71. However, he sucked in the pre-season; I mean horribly. Look at Green Bay's decision with Rogers... that turned out alright. Why not let the same happen with Leinart?

  • Fire Lane Kiffen for the love of God!
  • Where in the world is Vernon Davis? So far 5 receptions for 87 yards... could he be the biggest flop or could it be because he sadly plays for the 49ers (hopefully the latter).


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