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Band of the Month: The Dandelion War

The Dandelion War

The Dandelion War, an indie/experimental/ maybe jam band from the San Fran area, is my first band of the month. Why a month you may ask? Simple because they rock. For the past week or so I've been listening to their songs non stop. If you are chillin' at home maybe with the girl in bed, great music to have on. First off, their music flows nicely with a strong instrumental presence of guitar and piano that blends excellent with a really great vocalist (you may disagree with me but for some reason his voice reminds me of Chris Martin from Coldplay). Out of all the bands I've written about (even though it may be a few) I think their music and this band would be the most enjoyable to see live. Especially in a small bar with a few pints and your mates.

While yet to be signed, they are undoubtedly an up and coming band in the bay area. Constantly having upcoming shows, if you live there check them out. Their myspace profile is here. My favorite song, Wonders, is not on their profile but I posted it below. Listen to it and enjoy.

03 wonders.mp3

Download it at


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