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Sorry I've been a busy camper. Making moves with my lady friend and with school, school, school, and school. Any how, time for a MEGA POSTING! YAY KIDS! That poor child above has no bearing on what I'm going to write. Thought it was funny... what the hell it's Friday.

What do we got today? A bunch of new rated-R trailers for some potentially great movies.

Burn After Reading

Focus Features released the band new rated-R (maybe NFSW) trailer of the Coen Brothers' (directors of Oscar winning No Country for Old Men, Fargo, The Big Lebowski) new upcoming comdey, Burn After Reading. This movie has an all-star, all-pro cast: Brad Pitt, his BFFan George Clooney, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand , and Richard Jenkins. The plot:

A disk containing the memoirs of a CIA agent ends up in the hands of two unscrupulous gym employees who attempt to sell it.

I'm guessing the Coen Brothers will have another box hit? Maybe a Golden Globe?

Step Brother part deux

New R-rated trailer for Step Brother (NSFW). I can't decide which one I think is funnier the first preview (posted in an earlier posting below) or this new one? I actually think the first one might beat out the R-rated trailer. Nonetheless, they both are extremely funny.

Righteous Kill
In case you have yet to learn, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are teamed up in the lead role in Righteous Kill (arguably the first time they will share the lead roles ever...Heat/Godfather(s)- I don't count that because they both played different parts in parallel stories and their characters never/rarely interacted). If you watch the trailer below, I personally think this movie looks absolutely terrible. I will state my reasoning below the trailer.

1. 50 Cent is in it.
2. It looks extremely predictable... Al Pacino is the killer.
3. They are too old to be doing this same old bad-ass leading detective cop role.
4. 50 Cent is in it.
5. This movie seems like a 2008 remake of Cop Land, instead of Sylvester Stallone and Ray Liotta you have 50 Cent and Pacino.

Eagle Eye

According to, Steven Spielberg, had the idea for this movie, the first since The Goonies. Starring the up and coming actor, Shia LaBeouf (Indian Jones 4, Transformers, and Holes), and I'm quoting someone from IMDB "the future of feature films," gets involved in some crazy CIA/FBI fake terrorist plot where he is framed. I'm going on a limb here and saying he spends 1 1/2 hours being told to d0 crazy stuff (e.g., police shoot outs, car chases, running and jumping from buildings, and probably sex with the hot co-star), following that will be 1/2 hour of him investigating who has set him up and why. The movie seems like another hybrid cross over of Enemy of the State and Deja Vu.

Hulk part deux

After watching these new trailers for The Incredible Hulk, I actually believe this movie might be decent. That is if you are looking for a enjoyable action flick with good action scenes and the always great Tim Roth. P.S. when did Hulk become bullet-proof?



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