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NFL- Week 3

'Ravens safety Ed Reed picked up his 35th career interception against the Browns.'

Ravens: It is safe for me to say that the Ravens are back in business and like usual relying solely on their defense for a win. Brief stats from their 28-10 victory over the Browns:

3 defensive turnovers: 1 INT- McAlister, 1 INT- Reed, 1 INT- Rolle.

A force fumble by Ray Lewis on a dominating hit that absolutely destroyed that douchbag Kellen Winslow (see video below). Two sacks by DE Terrel Suggs- who is looking to be back in his dominate form.

Offensive though is the same story. I do not expect much from Flacco as this was his 2nd career start; however, he had two INTs. The second intercept wasn't really his fault-- McGahee was extremely slow to toss the ball back to Flacco in their trickery play-- but Flacco displayed why he was drafted: throwing a perfectly thrown ball for 40+ yards, which was sadly intercepted. The Ravens will rely heavily on the run game all year but they need to improve their passing game ASAP.

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