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Ayo Technology Tuesday ft. 50 Cent

Boys and girls it's another week of Ayo Technology Tuesday featuring 50 Cent. So enjoy the cool gadgets that you nor I will probably ever hear of again.

Ayo are you tired of walking? Then why don't you set on top of one of these, the Yamaha Tesseract. This new concept four-wheeler looks like something that could be in the new Transformer 2 movie. The Yamaha Tesseract will allow you to ride around on dubs and with an all new special suspension system that allows the rider to take sharp turns more easily.

As 50 says: "Yeah, yeah I'm a hustler"

Ayo are you tired of cooking bacon? Then why don't you sprinkle Bacon Salt onto your food? Here is your chance to make all your food have that wonderful fating bacon taste with zero-calories, and even kosher certified (YES!). With three different flavors- Original, Hickory, Peppered, - your food will never go bland again.

50 Cent once said: "You know, I got what it takes"

Ayo are tired using your Iphone? Then why don't you buy Touch Diamond mobile phone? If you absolutely hate all Apple products like I do, the Touch Diamond phone is your alternative knock off. Basically, it looks exactly like an Iphone with sharper corners and a diamond pattern back.

50 Cent says: "I got the info you already know"

Ayo are you tired of your boring laptop? Then why don't you spice it up? Even though I just hated on Apple products (I still hate them), this is rather cool. This guy's blog here shows you how you can make custom designs onto the cover of your Apple Powerbooks. Pretty sweet.

50 Cent told me: "Style and stuntin' doin' my two-step frontin'"


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